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Jamarhl Crawford
NBPP, Blackstonian

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Carlos "Tony"

Jesse Winfrey

Voices of Liberation

Fitzgerald David

Save Our Streets

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Zerahkyah Israel
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Black Power Movement
Black Power Movement

Million Man March

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Millions More movement

10,000 Men Philly
10,000 Men Philly

10,000 Strong Boston

Sunday June 21, 2009
Franklin Park Playstead (Near White Stadium)
12-6 PM
3 PM-Speake rs Begin

Juneteenth Celebration
Roxbury Homecoming
Franklin Park
Sat. June 20th, 2009

New Black Panther Party
Black Power Movement
SOS - Save Our Streets
Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity
Nation of Islam
5 Percent
Gye Nyame
Stop the Violence
Boston Hip-Hop
Brotherly Love Overcomes
Oppressive Domination
Community Revolution
In Progress
Latin Kings
Stop the Violence

Stop Domestic Violence

Stop Dissing the Sisters

Heal the Hood

No More Prisons

Free All Political Pirsoners


Thank you to everyone who came and made the second Annual 10,000 Strong Boston a success!



Globe Article "200 rally for new response to violence"
By Vivian Nereim - Boston Globe
June 22, 2009
WBZ Article Focus On Fathers At '10,000 Strong Boston'
By Sera Congi - WBZ News
Jun 21, 2009
WBZ TV - News Story Fathers Day Event Targets Youth Violence
Sera Congi Reporting - WBZ TV
Jun 21, 2009
Phoenix Article

Video Interview with Jamarhl Crawford of the New Black Panther Party about this Sunday's 10,000 Strong Boston march on Franklin Park
By Chris Farrone - Boston Phoenix
Jun 18 2009

SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2009
12-6 PM | 3PM Speakers
Franklin Park Playstead
(Near White Stadium)
12-7 PM
Harrambee Park/Talbot Av. www.saveourstreets617.org
10,000 Strong Boston
Save Our Streets

10,000 Strong Boston
A Call to Action

It is time to stand up, take responsibility and be accountable. Who Cares? We do. We doin' good in the hood. Are you tired of the drugs, guns, violence, crime, broken families, lack of guidance and direction. Are you in need of service? Will you serve? Do you need support? Will you support? Together we are 10,000 strong. If one can make a difference, what will 10,000 strong do? Think of it as a mini Million Man March for Boston.

Community Contract - Peoples Pledge/Platform »

Click Here for the Youth Platform »

A Rally...A Gathering... A Call to Action
Sunday June 21, 2009
12 noon - 6pm - Franklin Park Playstead


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4x6 color flyer
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10,000 Strong Boston Commercial

Standing on Boston's Historic Legacy of Leadership

Frederick Douglas Tubman Malcolm X MLK Farrakhan
Frederick Douglas
Harriet Tubman
Malcolm X
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Min. Louis Farrakhan

Who Can Be Involved

Young Youth, Old Elders, Men, Women, Black, Latino, Cape Verdean, Catholics, Christians (Clergy/Churches), Muslims (Imams/Ministers/Mosques), Nation of Gods & Earths, Rasta, Black Hebrews, Elected Officials, Working People, Unemployed, Students, Teachers, Mothers, Fathers, Community Organizations, Businesses, Artists, Poets, Musicians, Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Mau Mau, Black Panther, RNA, RAM, Revolutionaries...

*We cannot forget our Brothers and Sisters Locked behind bars who cannot attend but we will represent for them.

**We cannot forget all those we have lost due to violence and we will represent in their memory and honor.

R.I.P. Soheil Turner
R.I.P. Johnny Davis
R.I.P. Soheil Turner
R.I.P. Johnny Davis

We Are 10,000 Strong Boston

The Peoples Pledge - The Code Community Contract - Call to Action Purpose - Mission Statement

Youth Platform and Demands »

Stop the ViolenceWe agree that no children can be the targets of violence in our community. We call for an end to all violence against children, sexual molestation, physical abuse, etc. 

We agree that we can no longer commit violence against each other. We cannot continue to shoot each other.  Black on Black Crime, Youth Violence, Gang Warfare  Black, Latino and Cape Verdean People killing Black, Latino and Cape Verdean People. We have all lost someone. Enough is Enough. Do it for the babies. 

We agree that the Elderly cannot be targets of violence. We must protect our elderly. Our senior citizens are our Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles 

We agree that women cannot be the targets of violence.  We must protect our women against rape domestic violence and abuse 

Stop Domestic ViolenceStop Dissing the Sisters

We call on all leadership, clergy, politicians, etc. to be directly accountable and responsible to the PEOPLE. All leadership must put the people first and not be swayed by Money, Grants, Politics, Religion, Position, the Media, the Mayor, etc.  All leadership must immediately drop all special interests and focus on the salvation and safety of our children.

We call for a citywide Truce on all Gang Warfare, Street Beefs and Feuds. End the senseless Violence and acts of aggression towards your own people.  We also encourage other Metro Areas Brockton, Lawrence, Lynn, Worcester, Springfield, etc. to call for an immediate end to violence. 

No More PrisonsWe agree that we can no longer allow ourselves to fill up the prisons and courtrooms throughout Massa-Chusetts. If you are involved in illegal activity, strive to get your life straight. Develop an exit plan.  We are well aware that the Police and Courtrooms and Jails are more than ready and equipped to make room for us all. 

We demand that the Police and other “Law Enforcement” entities live up to their appointed duty to uphold the Laws that protect & serve the PEOPLE.We demand that the Police, the Courts, Probation, Parole, District Attorney, US Attorney work to bring an immediate end to Racial Profiling, Disparate Sentencing, Framing, Crooked Cops, False Imprisonment, Police Brutality, Police Murder of Black, Latino & Cape Verdean People.

We demand an end to all ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) deportations which deprives children and communities of their mothers, fathers, teachers, etc...We demand a humane approach to all immigration policies. We demand that our families stay together.

We demand that the Media present a fair and accurate account of our community and People. We demand an end to sensationalized media and further demand a balanced portrayal of our community to present profiles of our positive alternatives in Academics, Arts and Culture. We demand an end to the use of terms such as “animals” or the labeling of our youth as “thugs” “gangstas” or the labeling of our communities as “drug zones” or “hot spots” or other code terminology that seeks to deflect the real problems and scare the community.  

We also demand that local radio stations adopt a “Balance Campaign” and cease and desist on playing and promoting music and personalities that degrade and demean our women, promote violence and the use and sale of drugs and guns. 

We call for an end to unsafe zones in our community where there are very public displays of open Prostitution and Drug Use. This unsafe and unhealthy behavior can no longer be tolerated it is not good for our women, children and elders. We call for a community cleanup of Dudley Station – No more drug addicts, prostitution.Blue Hill Avenue (from Dudley St. – Brunswick) No More Prostitution.Grove Hall, Codman Sq., Uphams Corner, Humboldt Ave., Elm Hill NO MORE ROBBERIESNO MORE RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE. We are killing ourselves. 

We demand that the Boston Public School System, immediately develop new curriculums which educate each of our children equally.  We demand that there be implemented new academic standards and practices to promote excellence in our schools.  We demand a “Truth-Based” curriculum that is culturally accurate and incorporates a true Black/African History, Latino History, and an updated and true American History.  Furthermore a cross the board standard should be developed for high schools in order to prepare our children for higher education. Every child in Boston deserves a Boston Latin quality education. 

We agree, as parents to no longer allow the Boston Public Schools to automatically label our children as SPED in order to medicate them as a means of control rather than demanding that schools offer an alternative to students unable to be mentally stimulated by Westernized Curricula.

We call for an immediate end to economic warfare on the community. We demand an end to predatory lending, disparities in business and home loans, malevolent merchants who do bad business in our community.  City and State violations (Parking, Street Cleaning, Towing, Snow Plowing, Trash, High Tax rates) which are heaped out on our community without equal city/state services

We demand value for all immigrants. 
Recognition of the value that people from other countries bring to this country needs to stop being criminalized.  Justice for them includes the same rights afforded citizens get as well as a due and publicly accessible process and fair trial for individual immigrants before threat of deportation.

We demand for all people affected by violence the spaces to heal. 
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression are real and healing circles, beef mediations and community meetings are necessities.  The phrase, “Keep it moving” is not working.  Time and space for processing are necessary, as is community support for those living in and going through situations effecting their everyday interactions. Safe spaces must be created for grieving.

We demand community responsibility. 
All of us standing up for one another and supporting each other’s struggles is not implied.  End the hierarchy of oppression and stand together to offer solutions and alternatives to the systems we stand against.  If we don’t, we fail ourselves.


Karriem Ali

Black Power Movement

Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity